Just close your eyes and scent the fragrance of roses brought to you by a summer breeze, the fresh juice of mandarins picked from the “magic tree”, as we named it; in front of your window the peach tree’s blossoms will unfold...

Here you are at our place at the feet of the Andes, a refurbished country house maintaining the local traditional architecture externally, but with the layout, light and comfort of modern living. We love to take care of every single detail.

Each element of this house, from a glass to a peace of furniture, has been chosen while travelling to different places and every little thing tells its own story.

We have opened the doors of our home to receive travellers from each corner of the world, to travel also through their stories and share ours. A never ending journey, through traditional Argentine flavours mixed with those from our ever present Italian roots. We’ve been living in Salta for a few years now, surrounded by its natural charm and the people’s colourful tales, traditions and their will to keep them intact.

We have collected all this different colours and are happy to share them with you.

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