We are committed to care for our environment through small but effective actions.

-We do not sell plastic bottles for drinks. For this reason, each room has a jug with fresh mineral water which can be refilled without charge as many times as requested. We buy big re-fillable mineral bottles for this purpose.
-the waste water coming from bathrooms and kitchen is processed and filtered to be used to water the garden. Salta has an 8-month long dry-season, so being careful with water is of outmost importance. For this reason, we ask our guess not to throw any residues in the toilet other than paper.
-We use refillable containers for our amenities (shampoo, conditioner, etc). No single use containers are used for this purpose.
-For those guests staying for more than one night, towels and bedding are changed upon request, this helps us reduce our water use.
-Despite Salta city council does not recycle waste, we take our plastics and glass bottles to recycle centres, for them to be re-used or recycled. Additionally, we use re-usable bags for our shopping and kitchen, minimising single-use plastics.